Simple, light and cost-effective CPU holder.


An adjustable desktop mount for 7” - 12.9” tablets. Easy adjustment encourages users to move their tablet to exactly where they need it, for any and every task.

Clamps & Fixings

Enabling monitor arms and CPU supports to be mounted to the desk surface.

Thin Client

It can be positioned behind the monitor when using Wishbone/Daisyone or under the desk for convenient IT support access.

Laptop Stand

Made from strong, lightweight aluminium, CBS Laptop Stand folds flat and can be slipped into a briefcase or laptop bag.


Toolbar is a space saving solution for improved ergonomics in the workplace.


Durable and secure CPU holder.

Individual Components

A range of components and service parts.

Wishbone Post

The iconic Colebrook Bosson Saunders post. Precision machined grooves for different mounting heights.


Cost-effective cable management. Slinky is a high-capacity cable management system of plastic vertebrae built around a flexible spine.